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Parents and Players must sign this agreement that they have read the rules below and agree to them, sign, and remit prior to the first scheduled practice.


The agreement is primarily related to travel team issues, but we do require all to sign. Agreement must be signed and “signature page” mailed or handed in with your registration form and deposit.


Our goal is a safe, fun, and positive season for all. Our experience has told us that the best way for us to accomplish this is to put down in writing our exact expectations up front. The goal is to put down on paper the answers to potential situations that will come up, and make sure at the same time we answer your questions. It is imperative you read this contract and agree to all terms prior to joining this season. THIS CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT (the “Contract”) is made and entered into, by and between SSZ SPORTS DEVELOPMENT INCORPORATED, doing business in and around the State of Michigan (“Solid Skillz”) and Named Parent and Player, as participant in a SSZ Sports Development Incorporated Program.




All SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) Programs requires dedication and commitment. Our training & tournament phase is very demanding, but it will make you better, increase game knowledge, and improve your skill level. SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) players are athletes who want to reach their potential from the beginner athlete to the elite.


It is the philosophy of all SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) sports programs to develop respect, discipline, commitment, and a positive self-image in each of the athletes. It is important that each player understand the concept of being a part of a “team." Every athlete will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. You will be representing your family as well as the SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) program. Always show respect to coaches, teammates, officials at tournaments & parents. Be competitive, but not disrespectful toward other teams or clubs. Disrespect to anyone will not be tolerated!


If it is in the best interest of the program, a player may be moved from one team to another, or to another age division, based on one or more of the following: (1) position, (2) skill level (3) attitude (4) needs for tournament play (5) Loss of player from another team and/or (6) High School rules. The coaching committee will have the authority to move a player from one team to another based on above needs. Players must be willing to play any position needed by the team. 


Understand that practice and training is where you receive the most instruction and experience. Tournament play is only a supplement to participating in a SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) sports program. PLAYING TIME: We do not guarantee equal playing time on any team or at any event. Level Elite has the philosophy that what you pay for is instruction time during practices. 

Playing time is determined by attendance, attitude, effort, performance, the athlete's potential, the team's needs at the moment, and the team's needs in the future, and is left solely to the discretion of the Coach. The "coaching decision" is not up for debate or question. It is the athlete's responsibility to ask what they can improve on to get more playing time. Athletes will be expected to play in any position to benefit team performance. 

If you must miss a practice, you must inform your coach AND club director a minimum of 24 hours in advance so that the coach may plan practice appropriately. There is no exception to this rule! Three weeks advance notice is required if you cannot attend a tournament. Players will be evaluated for participation if missing more than 8 unexcused practices during the season. Failure to inform us can result in SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) withdrawing your membership without refund. 

Practice schedules will be available 5 days in advance. Occasionally there is a last-minute problem with a scheduled venue or inclement weather. Solid Skillz will give as much notice as possible if a practice must be moved or rescheduled. We request that SSZ Sports Development (Solid Skillz) be a priority. We are looking for the player who is committed to reaching her potential and who is willing to work hard to achieve this. Arrive at practice at least 15 minutes early in order to be warmed up prior to the beginning of practice. Solid Skillz practice apparel (Solid Skillz practice jersey/shorts) is to be worn at all practices. It is our preference that all players stay with their parents or another team parent. It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange housing if they cannot attend. If we find out about any problems incurred at hotels by players, they will be asked to leave immediately and be removed from the team for remainder of the season! 

SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) assigns a minimum of one coach per team to hold practices and 2 coaches to attend tournaments. Each coach is asked to make as many of these as possible. Understand that circumstances and schedules will require that some teams hold joint practices when a coach is unable to attend. We also have substitute coaches that fill in for practices and tournaments when the head coach is unable to attend. It may be possible that a coach cannot attend a tournament. We are human, and there may be times that a practice is cancelled at the last minute and information cannot get out. 


REQUIREMENT: All club information will be communicated through group text (TeamSnap), E- Mail, Facebook, or on web site postings. In order to be kept informed, make sure you check all regularly. We recommend you sign up ALL the email addresses for members who need to get information (Player, Mom and Dad). 

Parents are not to “Coach” their Athletes during Tournaments. The Athletes will be focused on what Coaches have to say and need to concentrate on such. Parents are not allowed near the team bench. 

If an Athlete is removed by Parents for any reason from the Tournament site without previous permission from the Head Coach, SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) will consider that Athlete to have resigned from the Program. All remaining monies will become due and payable at that time. 

Tournament schedule is posted on the SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) website and TeamSnap. Detailed basketball tournament info, location, format, gyms will be posted on TeamSnap. 

Parents are responsible for getting your child to and from a tournament. Team coordinators can assist in planning carpools for ones that need it. 

Parents are to be supportive of the entire Team at all times, and all SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) Teams while at Tournaments. 

Parents are not to engage in any behavior in cheering that would reflect negatively on SSZ. Parents should engage in no-direction cheering, limiting their comments to encouraging their child and other players from both teams. Guidelines for Parents are no different from Athletes in this regard. 

Only the Head Coach or the Assistant Coaches, under the direction of the Head Coach, may question an official or gym supervisor. At no time should you address or yell at any official. 

Parents and families will adhere to the specific Spectator-Parent Code of Conduct. This policy can be found in the email given from the tournament director of the tournament and as a post in TeamSnap. 


In case SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) must seek legal assistance in the collection of SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) Club fee’s by or through an attorney, or litigation involving this Contract reasonably requiring employment of counsel to protect or enforce any right or remedy of any party to this Contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement from the losing party for its reasonable attorney’s fees, together with court costs and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred in any such action or proceeding. 

All fees are based on a lump sum set cost of $600 for the summer 2022 season based on the participation option chosen. We provide installments as a courtesy for parents. If installments are chosen, your first installment will be due upon team acceptance. All remaining payment are due as noted on the published payment schedule. 

REFUNDS: There will be no refunds of monies. 

Remember, we are passing along our expenses only; we do not have the bank balance to pay expenses without fee income when due. Understand that our expenses must be paid on time, and we expect the courtesy of payment from parents on time. 

Fees paid to the club are non-refundable after a player has accepted a position on a team. Exceptions are due to a season ending injury, illness, or relocation out of the area. In this instance, pro-rata refunds may be granted with a written request, to the Director, accompanied by a physician’s report, where applicable. 

If you pay via installments, club fee schedule related to your program must be adhered to. Should fees be late over 5 days, an Athlete will not be allowed to participate until fees are paid current as per agreement. Installment fees past due will also have a $20 additional fee added. 

There is no credit or refunds for players who are unable to attend tournaments or practices. 

Club fees include the minimum of tournament per team placement and include all cost, except uniforms, food, travel, and lodging for tournaments. 


The following grievance procedure is designed to restore sanity to the sometimes-insane world of youth sports...and allow our club coaches to work with athletes while respecting the wishes of their parents. Families who are not comfortable with this procedure should consider joining another club or program. 

In the SSZ Sports Development Inc. sports program, we encourage the athlete to talk to the coach when she has a problem about her playing time, or if she is unclear about what the coach expects from her either in practice or in competition. The appropriate attitude is for the athlete to ask the coach what she needs to do to get more opportunities to play in matches. If the athlete is too emotional to discuss the problem in an adult manner, the conversation should be delayed until the athlete is ready to do so. Parents can best help their athlete by helping her set some goals to achieve more opportunities. 

When parents have a problem that is specific to their own athlete, we also encourage them to first talk to the coach. What coaches will not do is discuss "coaching decisions." "Coaching decisions" include, among other things, specific match decisions (who played when, who was subbed out and when, etc.) The amount of time any given athlete on the court is the result of a complex determination, in that coach’s opinion, of the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential, the athlete’s position, the team’s needs at the moment, and the team’s needs in the future. The coach will not be required to defend his /her thought process or conclusions in these determinations, and it is improper for a parent to request it. 

In addition, we instruct coaches not to discuss any athlete other than the parent’s own, or the actions of any other SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) sports coach. If you, as a parent, have legitimate concerns about a coach other than your athlete’s coach, or with an athlete other than your own; you need to address that Sport’s Director. Please note again that "coaching decisions" are not, in our opinion, legitimate concerns. 

Specifically, the procedures to follow if you as a parent, or your athlete as a member of a SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) team, have concerns about SSZ Sports Development Inc. policies or actions, are, in this order: 

The athlete should speak to or meet with the coach about the matter. If the matter remains unresolved, or if the athlete has reasonable concern that speaking to the coach will not resolve the matter, the parent should speak to or meet with the coach. 

Parents and/or athletes are expected to call the coach on the phone to set a meeting. Meetings are to be at times and locations other than tournaments. If a parent during a tournament approaches a coach, we have instructed the coach to refuse to discuss any controversial matter, and to walk away from the parent. The recommended time for a parent and/or athlete to talk to a coach about a problem is a previously arranged meeting time either before or immediately after a scheduled practice. 

The parent may contact the Club Director and request a meeting with the coach and Director. In certain situations, we may ask the athlete to attend the meeting, also. Meetings should be previously arranged. Meetings will not be scheduled during or at a tournament site. The Coach and/or the Director will not engage in discussions about coaching decisions. 

It is inappropriate for an athlete or a parent to approach other SSZ Sports Development Inc. (Solid Skillz) members about a problem the athlete or parents having with a SSZ Sports Development INC. (Solid Skillz) coach, about objections to coaching decisions, or about disagreement with an administrative decision. Asking uninvolved persons to take sides in an issue is unfair to the third party and to the Club. Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates situations where everyone may not be happy all the time. For the psychological health of the teams and the Club as a whole, grievances need to be handled between the parties involved and the decision-makers in the situation. Any member who is approached and asked to listen to or express an opinion about matters between two other parties in the Club is strongly encouraged to refer the complaining party to take the matter up with either the coach in question, and/or the Sport/Club Director. Repetitive complaining by the athlete(s) or other third parties that interferes with the Club’s efforts to pursue its stated pledge and purpose may be cause, in the sole determination of the Club, to ask a member to resign. 

Your signature verifies that you and your youth athlete have read and understand the Player – Parent Contract for the SSZ Sports Development Incorporated (Solid Skillz). Failure to follow the above Player – Parent Contract and the Code of Conduct could result in dismissal from the program. 

Player + Parent Agreement

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